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An in-office visit with your health care provider may not always be convenient. Or, you may put off a visit because of concerns about COVID-19. At Integrated Dermatology of Tidewater in Norfolk, Virginia, Jonathan Schreiber, MD, PhD, and Kevin Charles, PA-C, offer telehealth visits. This means you can get the dermatology care you need without an in-office visit. To learn more about telehealth visits, call the office, or book your telehealth appointment online today.

Telehealth Visits Q & A

What are telehealth visits?

With telehealth visits, Dr. Schreiber and Kevin conduct your visit using safe and secure telecommunication technology. This allows you to get the care you need without a trip to the office. 

During telehealth visits, you can talk to your dermatologist on the phone or through a video chat app. Telehealth also includes communication with your health provider through email, text, or chat message.

Am I a candidate for telehealth visits?

Dr. Schreiber or Kevin determine if you're a candidate for telehealth visits during a brief phone intake or consultation. You may be a candidate if you’re an established patient and need regular follow-ups for the management of your skin condition.

For new patients, Dr. Schreiber or Kevin may recommend a telehealth visit for skin issues they can diagnose by visual examination of your skin or if you need to maintain social distancing because of health risks related to COVID-19. 

In some cases, your provider at Integrated Dermatology of Tidewater may recommend an in-office visit after your initial telehealth visit. This may be needed if Dr. Shreiber or Kevin have concerns your skin condition is cancerous. 

What can I expect during telehealth visits?

You can expect comprehensive, patient-centered care during your telehealth visit at Integrated Dermatology of Tidewater. 

Dr. Schreiber and Kevin always make sure patients have a great experience, whether your appointment is at the office or through telecommunication. 

The specifics of your telehealth visit may depend on your concerns. During your exam, Dr. Schreiber or Kevin asks detailed questions about your symptoms, medical history, and types of medications and supplements you take.

They may also ask to examine the skin problem during your video chat or request that you send photos for closer examination. 

After your exam, Dr. Schreiber or Kevin discuss your diagnosis with you and their recommendations. As noted, they may request additional testing to confirm or rule out a diagnosis. 

What type of treatment can I get through telehealth visits?

Specific treatment for your skin condition following your telehealth visit may depend on your diagnosis. For a follow-up visit, Dr. Schreiber or Kevin may refill your usual prescription or prescribe a new medication based on your needs.

For new patients, treatment may include prescription medication to address the underlying skin issue. 

Telehealth visits allow you to get the dermatology care you need from the comfort of your home or office. To learn more about telehealth visits at Integrated Dermatology of Tidewater, call the office, or request an appointment online.