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Managing Your Rosacea: The importance of choosing the right products in your skincare regimen

Woman with rosacea being examined by a dermatologist

April is Rosacea Awareness Month which makes it a great time to shed some light on managing this chronic skin disorder that impacts over 16 million Americans.

Rosacea manifests primarily as persistent redness across the central face, accompanied by itching, burning, and the presence of bumps or visible blood vessels.

Misinterpretation of these symptoms may lead sufferers to self-treat with the wrong skincare products and cosmetics, exacerbating the condition.

Seeing your dermatologist for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan is critical to managing rosacea, but in addition to therapeutic options, dermatologists also emphasize the pivotal role of proper skin care in maximizing treatment benefits.

Harsh cleansers, acne medications, and certain cosmetics can aggravate rosacea by irritating or drying out the skin. In a survey conducted by the National Rosacea Society (NRS), 82% of respondents reported exacerbation from skincare products, highlighting the need for informed choices.

Identifying common irritants is key to mitigating flare-ups. Ingredients such as astringent alcohol, fragrances, witch hazel, and menthol top the list of triggers. It’s also important to guard against prolonged use of topical whitening creams, which can induce steroid-induced rosacea.

How to Find the Right Products

To address these concerns, the NRS introduced the Seal of Acceptance program to aid rosacea sufferers in selecting suitable skincare and cosmetic products. By prioritizing gentle cleansers, nonocclusive moisturizers, and mineral-based sunscreens, individuals can minimize the impact of rosacea on their daily lives. It’s a great resource to help you determine if the products you are currently using are helping or hurting your healing.

Collaboration between patients and healthcare professionals is essential for optimal outcomes with tailored therapy plans and integrating prescription treatments with rosacea-friendly skincare routines.

Visit rosacea.org to learn more and join us in advocating for Rosacea Awareness Month. For more information and resources, schedule a visit to discuss your skin concerns with your dermatologist. 

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