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Hydrafacial Stacking

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Mirror, mirror on the wall … wrinkles, eye-bags, and saggy skin, I see them all! *sigh

If you’ve looked in the mirror lately and wondered who that tired, older version of YOU is … you’re not alone. Almost everyone has something about their skin’s appearance they’d like to improve.

Whether your concern is wrinkles, saggy skin, loss of volume, scars, acne, or redness; there’s an aesthetic product or procedure designed specifically to treat it. 

For example: 

While the treatments above are amazing at solving ONE specific problem, there is a better, faster solution to achieving your most beautiful skin … treatment stacking!

“The ability to ‘stack’ treatments … creates a harmony that can create near surgical results.” - Julius W. Few M.D.

What is Treatment Stacking?

In dermatology the term “treatment stacking” refers to using complementary modalities or products to improve and extend the results of stand-alone procedures. 

The stacked treatments are often performed back-to-back in the same appointment which allows patients to save time … time off work, travel time, and recovery time.

Some treatments, like Hydrafacial, are uniquely suited to being safely ‘stacked’. In fact, a Hydrafacial is a great way to prepare your skin to receive any of the anti-aging services we offer.

Hydrafacial Stacking

Hydrafacial treatments pair well with many services: dermaplaning, chemical peels, dermal fillers, BOTOX®, laser treatments. 


Your aesthetician will recommend complementary services based on your unique needs, but here are a few examples of how Hydrafacial can be combined with other procedures:

Hydrafacial + Botox and/or Dermal Fillers

Botox, dermal fillers, and HydraFacial are a great combo! But, if you plan to have all three done on the same day, you should first get the HydraFacial. Manipulating the skin after Botox or fillers can cause the product to be displaced. If you must have the Botox or filler treatments first, allow two weeks between appointments for the product to settle. 

Hydrafacial + Laser

A Hydrafacial can enhance laser treatments in multiple ways. 

Hydrafacial + Dermaplaning

These two services complement each other perfectly. Your aesthetician will start with dermaplaning to gently remove dead skin cells and other impurities from your skin’s surface. Then the HydraFacial will cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin.

Genius RF Microneedling + Hydrafacial

Essentially, the Hydrafacial treats your skin from the outside in and the microneedling treats from the inside out. Having the Hydrafacial prior to your microneedling treatment is beneficial because it cleanses the skin, extracts dirt and oil, removes dead skin cells, and clears the pores. 

Book your Hydrafacial Consultation

Are you ready to see how Hydrafacial Stacks can benefit your skin?  Call the office at (757) 461-1033 (Opt. 1) to schedule a consultation! 

We'd love to address any questions you have and discuss with you how adding HydraFacial treatments can help you achieve your best skin.

Integrated Dermatology of Tidewater Integrated Dermatology of Tidewater Integrated Dermatology of Tidewater, located in Norfolk, Virginia, provides comprehensive personalized dermatologic care to patients of all skin types, conditions, and ages. Medical director Jonathan Schreiber, MD, PhD and the entire professional medical team at Integrated Dermatology of Tidewater approach dermatologic exams from the medical root of an issue, and similarly, cosmetic issues from the science of a treatment, using science-based support and results with the treatment services offered to patients.

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