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Dermaplaning + VI Peel: A Dynamic Duo for More Beautiful, Radiant Skin

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Combination therapy can unlock a cascade of benefits and increase both the results and the longevity of your cosmetic treatments. So let's delve into the transformative power of combining dermaplaning and a VI Peel. 

This dynamic duo isn't just about individual brilliance; it's about synergizing treatments for unparalleled results. 

Dermaplaning: A Quick Refresh for Your Skin

Dermaplaning involves using a 10-gauge scalpel to delicately remove the top layer of skin cells and fine facial hairs, leaving your face feeling soft, supple, and rejuvenated. This "scalpel facial" can even out skin tone, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and minimize acne scars, offering a quick and easy solution for brightening and improving the skin.

The Dermaplaning Experience

The process begins with a gentle cleansing and toner application. Using precise strokes with the scalpel, the therapist removes the top layer of skin cells, a sensation akin to the pressure felt during at-home shaving. Afterward, a moisturizer is applied, and you're ready to go—or proceed to the next step if you've opted for a chemical peel. The entire procedure typically takes around 30 minutes.

Boosting the Power of Chemical Peels

While dermaplaning shines on its own, it also proves to be an excellent companion for chemical peels. By eliminating peach fuzz and the outer layer of skin cells, dermaplaning creates an open canvas, allowing the chemical peel to penetrate more deeply.

This combination yields exceptional results, with the chemical solution working its magic over the next few days, revealing fresh, new skin.

A Variety of Peels to Suit Your Needs

At Integrated Dermatology of Tidewater, we offer peels tailored to your unique skin concerns. Whether you're dealing with sensitivity, aging, sun damage, acne breakouts, or just seeking an overall skin boost, we have the perfect peel for you. 

The Benefits of the Dermaplaning + VI Peel Combo

Enhanced Skincare Regimen: The combination removes layers of dead skin cells, allowing skincare products to penetrate more effectively, giving you the best results for your at-home regimen.

Healthier Skin: Enjoy a more even complexion, diminished age spots, reduced acne scars, and smoother skin texture, providing a comprehensive improvement for a refreshed appearance.

Fewer Breakouts: The deep cleaning effect of both treatments reduces the likelihood of acne breakouts, promoting clearer, healthier skin.

Convenience: Despite their powerful results, the combined treatment takes less than an hour, making it an ideal option for those with a busy schedule.

Scheduling Your Appointment

Wondering how often to schedule these treatments? For regular dermaplaning, we recommend appointments every four to six weeks, allowing your skin to regenerate between sessions.

Ready to experience the unique benefits of this transformative combination treatment?

Call Integrated Dermatology of Tidewater at (757) 461-1033 to schedule your consultation and take the first step toward radiant, rejuvenated skin. 

Integrated Dermatology of Tidewater Integrated Dermatology of Tidewater Integrated Dermatology of Tidewater, located in Norfolk, Virginia, provides comprehensive personalized dermatologic care to patients of all skin types, conditions, and ages. Medical director Jonathan Schreiber, MD, PhD and the entire professional medical team at Integrated Dermatology of Tidewater approach dermatologic exams from the medical root of an issue, and similarly, cosmetic issues from the science of a treatment, using science-based support and results with the treatment services offered to patients.

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