Dr. Jonathan Schreiber, PhD

Dr. Jonathan Schreiber, PhD is a trusted and thoughtful premiere provider treating North Carolina and Virginia since 2002. A passionate specialist whose expertise motivates patients to be their own skin advocate with our guidance and support. 

Integrated Dermatology of Tidewater offers exclusive services, programs, technology with a facility equipped with the best and safest methods in dermatology and dermatological surgery, our Mohs Clinic and Medical Spa. Schedule an Appointment Today!

Dr. Schreiber's and his medical team are dedicated to providing top-notch patient care in the Coastal Virginia communities. Our facility is unique and equipped with a full-service exam. We are able to provide the complete cycle of test-to-results within the same month of your appointment. Integrated Dermatology Group and Dr. Jonathan Schreiber created and opened the Tidewater facility in 2012. Dr. Arnold Oppenheim retired and his patients' continued their skin care with us in 2017.