Mohs Surgery


What is Mohs Surgery?

Originally developed in the 1930’s, Mohs micrographic surgery has been refined into the most advanced, precise, and effective treatment for an increasing variety of skin cancer types.  This technique offers physicians the ability to precisely identify and remove an entire tumor while leaving the surrounding healthy tissue intact.  It is considered the “Golden Standard” technique for removing Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

Is Mohs Surgery The Best Treatment Option for All Skin Cancers?

IF you have any type of suspicious skin lesion you should seek evaluation by a dermatologist.  If skin cancer is suspected, your physician may biopsy the site.  Your provider may recommend Mohs surgery based on the typed and location of the skin cancer. 

Is Mohs Surgery More Expensive Than Other Types of Skin Cancer Treatment? 

Mohs surgery involves a special multi-step process, which can make the overall cost slightly more expensive than other skin cancer treatments. It is important, however, to consider the advantages the Mohs technique offers, which is healthy tissue sparing capabilities, lower recurrence rate and the assurance that when you walk out of the office you know that the site is cancer-free. 

Will Mohs Surgery Leave a Scar?

All surgical procedures have the potential for some degree of visible scarring.  The appearance of a post-Mohs surgical scar will depend on several factors, including size and location of the final defect, individual skin characteristics, and the reconstruction options available.  You should keep in mind, however, that the tissue-sparing nature of the Mohs technique may result in a smaller, less noticeable scar than other skin cancer removal methods.  The Mohs surgeon also may be able to incorporate suture lines into the patient’s skin lines and folds.  Most scars improve in appearance naturally over time, and future scar revision techniques may employ if necessary.

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