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September 03, 2014
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According to an article on Reuters, a study conducted at William Paterson University in New Jersey found that the percentage of high school students using sunscreen dropped from 67.7% in 2001 to 56.1% in 2011. The decrease in sunscreen usage as alarming, given that the rates of skin cancer and melanoma are recently going up. Corey Basch, one of the study’s authors, says the findings point to the need for a greater push to inform teenagers on the dangers of sun exposure.

According to an article in the Dermatology Times, the house passed a bill that would make it easier for over the counter sunscreen products to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA has not approved a new ingredient for sunscreen in over 15 years. The bill, known as the “Sunscreen Innovation Act,” applies only to sunscreens that have been marketed for use in Europe, Canada, and other countries for at least five years. The bill was passed in light of rising skin cancer rates.