Indoor Tanning Warning
September 30, 2015
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Pediatrician Advises Against Indoor Tanning.

In a piece for US News & World Report (9/2, Balk), pediatrician Dr. Sophia Balk emphasizes that getting a tan is not “good for your health.” In fact, she writes “getting a tan – whether by sitting in the sun at the beach or visiting a tanning salon – means that you’re hurting your skin,” as tanning “is the skin’s response to damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.”
Because indoor tanning at a young age increases the risk of developing skin cancer, Balk notes that the American Academy of Dermatology, among other major organizations, “recommend banning salon access for minors under 18 years old” and the Food and Drug Administration issued a “Black-Box Warning” advising against indoor tanning for persons under the age of 18 in May 2014. In conclusion, Balk says “indoor tanning causes skin cancer – so stay away.”