IDT Full Body Skin Exam: Preventive Care for Melanoma

Most People With Melanoma May Not Have Many Moles, a study suggests.


TIME (3/2, Oaklander) reports that research published in JAMA Dermatology suggests “most people with not have very many moles.” CBS News (3/2, Welch) reports that investigators “looked at 566 patients with melanoma with an average age of 57 and found that over two-thirds of them had zero to 20 moles.” More than “70 percent of these patients had no atypical moles.”
STAT (3/2, Anyaegbunam) reports that “for patients under 60,” the researchers “did find that people with six or more atypical moles at diagnosis tended to have thicker melanoma.” The study found “in this younger age group, the presence of more than 50 total moles was associated with less thick melanoma.” Also covering the story are HealthDay (3/2, Preidt), LiveScience (3/2, Blaszczak-Boxe), and the Cancer Network (3/2, Lawrence).