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Posts for: June, 2015

Study: Melanoma Usually Arises In Normal Skin.

LiveScience (6/6, Geggel) reported that research suggests that “melanoma usually arises in normal skin, where there is no dark spot or sign of cancer until the melanoma suddenly shows up.” The study also indicated that “melanomas that arise in non-mole areas of the skin tend to be more aggressive and deadly than those that do arise from moles.” The findings were presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting.

CDC: Melanoma Rates Have Doubled In The US In The Past 30 Years.

The Arizona Republic (6/13, Sexton) reported that “rates of melanoma...have doubled in the United States in the past 30 years and will continue to climb unless people minimize exposure to ultraviolet light, according to the” CDC. The Republic points out that “the CDC recommends several cancer-prevention strategies, including reducing UV exposure from both sunbathing and from indoor tanning booths.”

Cancer-Prevention Advocates Targeting Colleges In Campaign Against Indoor Tanning.


The Boston Globe (5/27, Freyer) reports that “cancer-prevention advocates are targeting colleges in a campaign to unplug indoor tanning, citing studies that link the practice to an increase in melanoma among young people.” Meanwhile, some “colleges...are beginning to change policies.” For instance, “the University of New Hampshire and Salem State University...have moved to stop use of their college cash cards — debit cards that students use to shop — at tanning salons.”