Full Body Skin Exams

We are passionate about your health and we are able to provide comprehensive treatment.

Our Full Body Skin Exam is a signature head-to-toe service detecting and testing suspicious rough patches, moles bleeding and itching. 

Dr. Jonathan Schreiber PhD, PA-C Cynthia Ferguson, MHS, PA-C Kevin Charles, MS examine, measure, biopsy, and surgically repair skin cancer areas. 

A yearly exam is needed for all ages and skin types with checks up to every 3 months based on medical history. All skin, hair, and nail details are visually recorded and addressed in medical importance with additional visits scheduled to ensure skin safety. Click image to connect to background.

A patient history record with chief concerns is documented by Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), Our eDerm system is connected to the healthcare doctors and pharmacies in Virginia and United States. The CMA scribes and supports the exams generating the visit note and scripts to be sent via eFax to your PCP and pharmacy for the update. 

Check-in with our Patient Care team

With a wireless service, we are able to see patients when they are scheduled, arriving 15-minutes prior to scheduled time for process paperwork, verify insurance, and scan IDs.

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